Worldbank’s Development 2.0 Wishlist

On the Worldbank’s Private Sector Development Blog, I found “an imaginary wish list of start-ups in a Development 2.0 world” (a post by Giulio Quaggiotto). One of the ideas on the wishlist is:  

  • a web site that aggregates information on all development projects run by international and local NGOs, international agencies and financial institutions, and volunteer organizations. Potential donor interested in Ghana, for example, could compare projects and select the ones to give their money to. Development agencies could use the site to check out who else is working on a specific country or issue before embarking on a new project. Recommendations (Amazon style) by users could help donors make more informed choices and, thanks to word-of-mouth, smaller, but worthy, projects may get increased visibility.

Although there’s reference to a “website” instead of the more obvious choice for and online social network of development organizations, it’s actually the first post I read that’s closely related to some of the key ideas and questions that I launched in Orgbook:

– It confirms the need for aggregated information on the work of development organizations (working on various levels).

– It highlights the potential benefit for donors: they can make more informed choices and assess the networked capacity and institutional analysis of organizations that applied for funding

– It points at the potential for development organisations: they can assess their added value in a certain area and theme, and build networks with the relevant players.

– It stresses the potential that users of the services provided by development organizations can be added to the social network and can hold the development organizations in their area accountable.

I will follow the Worldbank closely to see if they are following up on their Wishlist!



One response to “Worldbank’s Development 2.0 Wishlist

  1. Isn’t the Development Gateway something close to that?


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