Stages of development towards an innovating organisation?

I am asked to identify four stages of organisation development towards an innovating organisation. The idea is that we use this in discussions within my organisation and discussions with our partner organisations to find our where we are in our organisational development processes to become a more innovative organisation.

So far, these are my first ideas:

Stage 1: The organisation sticks to its traditional way of working and is not innovating.

Stage 2: Innovation does sometimes occur within the organisation, based on the actions of a small number of individuals. Time and resources are made available for innovation on an ad-hoc or limited basis. There are no formal processes within the organisation to support innovation within the organisation.

Stage 3: The organisation recognises that innovation is needed to respond to organisational and programmatic challenges. Resources and time for innovation (e.g. pilot projects) are made available as a standard practice.  There are some formal processes to support the introduction and mainstreaming of innovations within the organisation.

Stage 4: Innovation is well-integrated into planning and implementation processes.  Time and resources are made available for innovation.  Learning from innovative ways of working and projects have been integrated into the planning and process cycles.  Innovative projects have moved beyond trials and are now part of mainstream projects.

Does this make any sense? Do you have any ideas to improve this and make it clearer?


One response to “Stages of development towards an innovating organisation?

  1. I’m reading ‘The networked nonprofit’ by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine. That might be helpful in search.

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